Sunday, July 15, 2012


Its been a very exciting week! Last thursday my boyfriend Paul of 4 years proposed!!! 

I am so excited but even more exciting then that, I found out that im pregnant!! We are now trying to throw a shot gun wedding! Of course my dream has always been a country barn bedding but it turns out that all the research i've done its actually more expensive to bring everything in  as far as tables, chairs, food, some even require port a potty's! looks like we'll be doing more of a local venue. I have so many ideas for the wedding i cant wait to get it going. And as far as baby, i've been dreaming of nurseries every night. We are still undecided about finding out if its a boy or girl. 

Other then that Paul and I took a trip this past weekend upstate to visit his family. I wanted to share some country pics! 
I really love it up there

     Imagaine a wedding in one of those barns?...a girl can dream


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope that you get your dream wedding - those barns look absolutely beautiful!
    Best wishes from the UK,
    Paula x

  2. What a beautiful place to have a rustic wedding! The barn is to die for! love it : o )